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Vinod Singh
Outreach Manager

Vinod Singh started working at Far West Recycling in 1990 as a part-time warehouse employee while going to school.  Over the years, he has worked at and managed multiple Far West Recycling locations, learning company operations from the ground up; as well as observing the industry and company from various perspectives.  He has used that experience to take on his current role as Outreach Manager to help represent the company to external parties ranging from new recyclers to industry and government groups.  Vinod holds a Bachelor of Science in Business with a General Management Certificate; and is familiar with RIOS/R2 management practices.  He serves on the Association of Oregon Recyclers Board of Directors as the Markets Chair.

As a supporter of the United Way and their dedication to the community, Vinod has helped coordinate company fundraising campaigns, is part of planning the annual Far West Recycling charity golf event, and served as a Loaned Executive helping the United Way to fundraise out in the community.  Vinod is a native Oregonian, whose first experiences with recycling and Far West Recycling was as a Boy Scout conducting newspaper drives; those experiences introduced and helped shape a career in the recycling industry.